How time flies!

Aloha, friends and ohana!

Since we are well past halfway in 2015, I’d like to share a few of the things I’ve been up to since last report.  

It’s been a busy year for me, as I have been painting away in my studio, as well as en plein air.  The Kona/Kohala coast is a boundless source of inspiration for the artist, and I feel privileged to have this special place as my open air studio and model. Always there, at my beck and call, what more can an artist ask for?

I’ve painted a significant portion of this island landscape, but I’m still making new discoveries.  If you have a special place I haven’t yet painted, I’m open to commissions, too.


This is my most recent painting, the iconic Eva Parker Woods Cottage at the Mauna Lani, on the Kohala Coast.

This historic home sits on the even older Kalahuipua'a fish ponds, and is a modern day survivor that embodies classic Hawaiiana in it’s purest, most idyllic form.

Who, at times, doesn’t imagine themselves leisurely taking in the view from their oceanfront lanai in a bygone era?

Here are a few others from this year.


(top to bottom) Ahuena Heiau, Soft Morning Glow, Pu'uhonua and Springtime Snow In Kona (coffee blossoms)

Stay in touch.  I’d love to hear from you, from near or far.

Aloha a nui loa,